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Social Housing

We bring over three decades of expertise to the forefront of social housing asset management. We are dedicated to working closely with social housing clients, their residents, and the broader community to deliver transformative services that regenerate and revitalise communities

Proven Experience in Managing Social Housing Projects

Our team has a wealth of experience in managing both complex and diverse internal and external projects through long-term frameworks and one-off contracts. Our market-leading expertise allows us to provide a wide range of tailored services that address the unique needs of social housing.

Customer-Centric Operations

At the core of every project is our commitment to customer care. Our delivery teams, comprising highly experienced and qualified professionals, employ established, safe methods of working to protect our most vulnerable residents. We ensure that every interaction and service delivery is handled with the utmost sensitivity and respect.

Cost-effective Solutions

Our focus on cost-effective, high-quality program delivery ensures that we meet our clients’ key objectives without compromising on service quality.

Sustainable Solutions

Through our excellent supply chain relationships, we are able to offer innovative, future-proof solutions that not only increase the sustainability of homes but also help our clients meet their environmental and financial targets.

Whole-House Survey Process

We adopt a comprehensive approach to our survey processes, focusing on maximising improvement opportunities for each property. This holistic view ensures that no detail is overlooked.

Quality and Compliance

Our projects are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and compliance with building standards, funding claims, and government standards.

Our Clients

Our Experienced, Highly Skilled Team Are On-hand To Help